Camp NaNoWriMo Starting Line

I was all ready to participate in Road Trip Wednesday but this week’s question is “What was the best book you read in July?” and I realized I didn’t finish a single book this month! That is really rare for me. But it’s okay. I have a TBR pile as tall as a Hobbit and I’m determined to at least finish one of them this month.

Also, Camp NaNoWriMo starts today! When I reminded The Roommate he said, “Oh, goodbye!” Yup, he knows the drill. πŸ™‚

I spent last night finishing up outlines and beat sheets and pep-talking myself into today’s 1,600 words. I tried to put all of the writerly foolishness I’ve encountered this week out of my head. All I can control right now is how and what I write. During last week’s #yalitchat, author Jonathan Maberry suggested we interview our characters in order to flesh them out. It was an eye-opener. I definitely felt like I was channeling my characters even more than normal.

So I’m off to find my cabin and get my bunk made up. Wish me luck!

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