Beating the Heat

This has been a summer of extremes.

Temperature, most obviously, with every county in my home state having been declared primary natural disaster areas by the USDA due to excessive drought and heat advisories persisting. Everything that should be green is crispy brown and while the air would be normally be full of all types of gorgeous winged wildlife, the only birds hardy enough to flit about undeterred are the pigeons, who I imagine will battle the cockroaches for ownership of the world when the Apocalypse hits.

My writing is also sufffering. After spending even a few moments outdoors, I’m exhausted. I get inside the Cave (now grateful for its one tiny window), crank up the box fan and chug water like there’s no tomorrow. I contemplate taking another cold shower or freezing my undergarments or cleaning my house via telekinesis–anything but writing.

Not that my creativity is at a total standstill. I’m running the Twitter feed for the Kansas City Fringe Festival. It’s been amazing so far and I feel like I’m subconsciously soaking up all kinds of inspiration by being around other artists. I just need to push it onto the page.

I also realized that I didn’t take a break after June’s Camp NaNoWriMo. I jumped right back into revising and editing another story and somewhere around the second week of July, the heat started climbing and my brain said no más. 

I don’t want writing to turn into an all-or-nothing exercise. So for now, I’m going to stay steady and consistent. Even f it’s only 100 new words or two edited chapters a day. Progress will be made and I won’t be overwhelmed by what needs to be done.

Does weather affect your writing? How do you stay cool in the summer?

8 thoughts on “Beating the Heat”

    1. I’ve been trying to stay inside but occasionally I have to forage outside for sustenance. There’s a definite lack of food delivery services in my neighborhood. 🙂


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