Brain Dump


  • Characters.  My MC is telling my outline to go to hell.
  • Seafood. I’m eating pescetarian dinners this week.
  • Clutter. I’ve been trying to attack the hoard one bit at a time.
  • Performance. The Roommate’s play starts this week.
  • Residencies. Three applications are due this month.

What’s on your mind?


4 thoughts on “Brain Dump”

  1. What’s on my mind?
    1. Upcoming trip and all the chaos that comes w/travel.
    2. End of June deadline for a story that’s only about 40% ready.
    3. Money. Per usual.

    Good luck with your apps and the items on your brain dump list. I have faith that you can do it!


    1. Have fun on your trip! I expect a detailed recap. 😀 Money is an overarching worrying theme for me as well. I’ve decided that my story has to be ready by June 28 so I’ll have time to get it formatted. Ack!


  2. Haha! Speaking of outlines, I just outlined a three-book trilogy. Wanna know what the unanimous reaction of my six main characters was? “Good luck with that, honey. You’ll need it.” Ah, outlines. At least it’s better than keeping it all up in the head.

    Good luck on your residency applications and sorting out the clutter. 🙂


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