Putting Yourself Out There

Today, I was obsessed with The Writer’s Voice Twitter Pitch contest. I stalked the thread for hours, read some amazing pitches, got insight into how editors make their choices, and was really impressed by how brave writers are. People confessed to being terrified about pitching, but they did it anyway. That is truly bad-ass.

My pitch wasn’t chosen but I’m proud of myself for trying. Like one of the editors said, they are just a teeny-tiny fraction of their industry and the business is subjective. The overarching message was keep trying, don’t stop writing.

Sounds like good advice to me.


13 thoughts on “Putting Yourself Out There”

  1. I was glued to the thread yesterday as well! I thought it was so interesting, but I noticed a lot of writers kept reposting. I understand–you don’t want your pitch from two hours ago buried in the pile, but when I felt I was reading the same thing over and over, I checked out. That made me feel bad, though. I wonder how many good pitches I missed.

    Anyway–it was VERY interesting to see how people summed their pitches in 140 characters. I hope the organizers do something like this again!


    1. I think a lot of that had to do with the rules of the contest. You were allowed to pitch as many times as you liked, and revise it as you saw fit. Of course, you had no choice but to revise since you can’t repeat tweets verbatim. They also encouraged you to pitch when editors tweeted they were actively watching the thread, so that caused a flurry of posting as well. One editor said they were reading everything, so multiple pitches weren’t necessary, but a couple of people saw success through persistence. So who knows? I hope they do it again too! It was a great exercise in concise writing.


  2. Totally agree! i sent off an application yesterday to become a guest writer on a group blog – I’m pretty sure I won’t get chosen but you never know if you don’t at least throw your hat in the ring! 😉


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