Slaying Dragons

Yesterday, in an attempt to conquer my fears, I went on the radio. I’ve done it once before and hoped that the sinking feeling in my stomach and knocking knees wouldn’t make a return engagement. I was pleased that while I did have some butterflies, this time I wasn’t so weak in the knees that I could barely carry myself into the studio.

I joined some rather esteemed folks on the local public radio program “Up to Date” for The Book Doctors segment. Doesn’t that sound fancy? Actually, we just give our book recommendations and hope that people will call in and share theirs. The host asked if any books were “hot” right now and I mentioned 50 SHADES OF GREY because I hear about it everywhere.  Because I was aware it started out as Twilight fan fiction, somehow the book made it onto my “suggested reading list.” Ha! Actually, I’ve only read excerpts so I can’t offer my doctoral opinion yet.

I really enjoyed myself and I’m glad that I did something out of  my comfort zone.

Have you conquered any fears lately?

15 thoughts on “Slaying Dragons”

  1. Well done with slaying your dragons. I’m always amazed how nerves affect people. I recently did an interview for a newspaper to expose my forthcoming book and I shook like crazy. I’m not normally that way.


  2. Fear is rarely a part of my life because 9 times out of 10 I face my fears. This started when I was much younger. For example, I’m African American. At 18, I walked into an all white bar, out in the middle of nowhere, where a guy was wearing a t-shit with a swastika on it. I walked up to him and asked him why he was wearing the t-shirt. He really couldn’t give me an answer. It was a crazy thing for me to do, but the guy turned out to be some idiot who didn’t even know what a swastika was.

    Precious Monsters


    1. It was an amazing experience that I would definitely repeat. Afterward, there’s this crazy release of energy or adrenaline or something that is pretty cool.


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