A to Z: Recap, Reflections, Rewards

This year was my first attempt at the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. My brain is still a little sore, but overall I really enjoyed the experience.  Here’s some takeaways:

  • Figure out what you want to write about and create your posts in advance.  For the most part, I was able to do that, getting about half of them done prior to the first day of posting. Even when I didn’t have the post completed ahead, I at least knew what topic I wanted to cover and that saved a ton of time.
  • Visit as many blogs as possible, but don’t burn yourself out.I set a goal to stop by at least 2-3 blogs each day. Anything more than that felt like work and I didn’t want my comments to be of the, “God, this is exhausting!” variety.
  • Make it easy for people to leave comments. I share the general aversion to spambots. They’re annoying, especially if your blogging host offers little in the way of protection. But I definitely struggled with the blogs that had twenty layers of verification or stubbornly refused to recognize my comments.  And if that happens on this blog, please let me know!
  • Not every post has to be literary gold. With this challenge, I let myself be silly, goofy and irreverent. It was very true to my personality. It may not change the writing universe but I’ve often had very serious debates about the proper usage of “frak.”
  • Be kind to yourself. I built in small rewards along the way: fancy craft beers, ice cream, bonus writing time, stickers. Anything to keep my motivation and enthusiasm high!

This challenge introduced me to the awesome blogging community, built some serious writing muscles and strengthened my organizational skills. Thanks so much to the organizers and everyone who supported my blog!


13 thoughts on “A to Z: Recap, Reflections, Rewards”

  1. Good to read your review. I also participated and I completed the posts as per schedule along with a the big online challenge of moving my articles from Knol to Blogger. May be next time more leisurely posting and interaction with more fellow bloggers.


  2. I loved the “freestyle” feel of your challenge blogs. I learned new terms (I hadn’t heard of the word “shade” as a lie) and the music video you recently posted has been on my mind almost every day. Please take it as a compliment when I say: Your challenge posts have embodied a “Seinfeld” quality. Not about any “thing” per se, but very good because of that!


    1. That’s so awesome to hear! I loved Seinfeld because it was a show about nothing, but it fit my stream-of-consciousness style. Now I have a blog like that. 😀


  3. Me too! It was my first A-Z and I am still recovering 🙂 Your posts were a lot of fun, I loved the silly stuff and glad to have found you through the challenge!


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