Z: Zane

Holy cats, this is the final post for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge! Thanks to everyone for reading, following, and commenting. It’s been real!

With all the fuss being made over 50 SHADES OF GREY, you would think no one had ever written erotic fiction before. Women want to read about sex? Quel surprise!

No shade intended (although the pun definitely is) toward E L James–I have a long list of things I’d trade for that kind of success–but I guess no one noticed the six gazillion Harlequin books that have been published and voraciously consumed over the years, or the white-hot, super-sexy prose produced by my favorite erotica writer, Zane.

Back in 1997, after getting positive feedback from friends who read her early efforts, Zane anonymously posted erotic stories online. She self-published her first collection of stories, THE SEX CHRONICLES: SHATTERING THE MYTH, and sold 108,000 copies before the e-reader era. You can’t knock that kind of hustle! Zane’s sales attracted the attention of Simon & Schuster, where she crafted a publishing deal under her own imprint, Strebor Books International.

Zane’s books were the talk of the beauty salon. Even if they didn’t want to admit getting hot and bothered by them, everyone wanted to know what the author looked like.Β  Her image was a closely-guarded secret until people started impersonating Zane on the lecture circuit and she was forced to show her face.

I love that Zane is so prolific: fiction, sex manuals, publishing and television. I’m excited to see what she does next!

Now I’m off to re-read one of my Zane favorites. Later on, dirty birds! πŸ˜€

12 thoughts on “Z: Zane”

  1. My cousin introduced me to Zane and I have devoured her writing ever since. It was the first erotic book I ever bought. And, it was about people who looked like me. So, good. Congrats on finishing.


  2. LOL – I will have to look up Zane, just to be well-rounded, of course! Haven’t read Shades, though I imagine I will someday, I can’t talk books these days without someone bringing it up!


  3. Wow–I’ve never heard of Zane. I can’t imagine trying to closely guard your personal life just to have people imitate you and force your hand. Total bummer.


    1. Part of the fun for me was in not knowing anything about the author. It stinks that she had to out herself, but I understand wanting to protect your image and brand.


  4. I don’t read erotica but I’m amazed that Shades of Grey is being talked about every place I go. I have to admit, I love the title, but Zane is a pretty sexy name. πŸ™‚ A to Z has been fun and challenging!


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