X: X-Clan

My writing pal  T.L. Conway has been highlighting great music for the A to Z Challenge so for this entry, I’m totally biting her style! By the way, that phrase is apropos because today’s post is all about one of my favorite rap groups, X-Clan.

*Stepping into the Wayback Machine*

It’s 1990 and you’re a young girl riding around town with your older brother in his Chevy Blazer. It’s jet black with all of the back seats removed so he could make room for his boomin’ system. He still gets on your nerves but you’re finally settling into something that feels like friendship rather than mortal combat.

He’s a self-taught bass player who has yet to steer you wrong when it comes to musical selections so when he puts in a new CD, you’re beyond excited. The first few strains are familiar. You quickly flip through the mental file and light on Parliament Funkadelic’s “One Nation Under a Groove.” You swiped that tape from your father and played until it literally split in half.  And coming in on top of that classic beat, a commanding voice: “Freedom or death? You shall all be moved…”

“Who is this?” you ask your brother, mouth open in amazement as it washes over you.

“Just listen,” he says. And for the next three minutes and fifty-seven seconds, as you car dance for your life, you receive a master class in flow, beats, and Afrocentric lyricism.

People were wearing red, black, and green leather medallions and had no idea that the symbolism went way beyond a fashion statement.  X-Clan was here to give you a lesson you wouldn’t soon forget.

I’ll just let them speak for themselves. Vanglorious!

10 thoughts on “X: X-Clan”

  1. First, thanks for the shout out!
    Second, I LOVE hearing music from a group I’ve never heard before! When I was younger and trying to be “friends” with my brother, all I had to listen to was Metallica or AC/DC. 🙂


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