V: Vexed

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m impatient. It’s gotten a bit more manageable as I’ve gotten older, but it still doesn’t take much to get on my nerves. And when I’m feeling under the weather, as I have the past few days, the path from annoyed to full-blown enraged is even shorter.

A few things that vex me:

  • Snarky comments that are rife with misspellings, incorrect grammar, etc. If you’re going to flame someone, come correct or not at all.

  • People that fiddle with their phones while in line. I hate waiting for things as a rule and this just makes it infinitely worse.

  • When someone doesn’t exchange pleasantries. Even if you really don’t care how the other person is doing, it’s best to start off conversation this way before launching into a list of demands.

  • No explanation needed.

Anything bugging you lately?


12 thoughts on “V: Vexed”

  1. In the vein of cat frustrations: my cat’s new-found love of slapping his bowl of food out of my hand, sending an explosion of kibble everywhere.


  2. Yes! Someone just threw the old “it’s 6 to one, 1/2 a dozen the other” in my face. Listen, idiot. That cliche implies you have two things that are the same and the difference is a matter of perspective. In the current situation, you do NOT have the same options as me, so kiss off. And if you’re going to play semantics with me, you’d better bring your A-game…


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