T: Time

The Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dali, 1931

Yesterday, I asked The Roommate if he ever forgot how old he is. He answered in the affirmative. Thank goodness! When a friend of mine asked my age and I couldn’t immediately recall it, I was afraid I was experiencing some kind of early-onset memory loss.

He said it was because he really didn’t feel his age. Honestly, I don’t either.  I’m probably the goofiest, silliest most non-adult I know. I guess it doesn’t help (or hurt) that I’m writing young adult fiction and spend a good chunk of time each day trying to put myself in a teenage headspace. 🙂

The cool part is, I don’t mind.  Eventually, something annoying and grown-up will interfere, like paying bills or cleaning the litter box or somebody will insist that I “act my age”, whatever that means, but I quickly handle that stuff so I can make room for really important things like making cupcakes or watching Dance Academy.

17 thoughts on “T: Time”

  1. Coaching Cheerleaders at the high school levels I have that problem all the time! You’re right though, come home, pay bills, feed the family, then back to silly games and high school drama.


  2. The older I get, the more I forget my age. I always have to think a minute when someone asks my age. My first thought is what year is it? I do remember what year I was born. My mind doesn’t feel much different, but my body sure does.

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    1. Yeah, I can remember the year, just a little slow on the math. So far, I’m doing a good job of being in better physical shape in this decade than the last. Fingers crossed that keeps happening!


  3. I used to forget my age all the time, but I just got a zero behind my digit. Blergh. I don’t feel my age either. Maybe reading all the YA helps keep me feeling young. LOL


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