I: Iceland

Iceland is high on my Places I Need to See Before I Die List. Here’s why:

  • Midnight Sun. There’s only a handful of places on earth where you can experience 24 hours of daylight. For a night owl like me that presents an exciting challenge.

  • Hot Springs. Warm, renewable water, healing properties, and soothing mud pools? Yes, please.

  • The Reykjavík Arts Festival. This two-week celebration of music, dance, art, performance, and Icelandic culture is one of the biggest and best in Northern Europe and happens each year in May.

  • Free Stopovers.  Fly Icelandair and you can hang out in Iceland for up to seven days on your way to or from any of their European destinations with no additional airfare costs.

  • Exchange Rate. Iceland’s economy was devastated during the worldwide 2008 financial crisis. With the devaluation of the króna, Iceland is one of the few places in the world where the U.S. Dollar is worth something, making the country very affordable for starving artists like me. So I need to hurry up and get there before the European Union accepts Iceland’s application!

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