H: Haterade

Hatin’ Writer #1: I can’t believe she got an agent for that mess! Like we need one more vampire/shapeshifter/post-apocalyptic historical trilogy. *eyeroll*

Hatin’ Writer #2: Seriously! And who did she sleep with to get that book deal? She just started writing six months ago!

I could barely see my laptop from the amount of shade that was being thrown. It’s one thing to have questions. It’s one thing to constructively critique. But those folks were actively hating and taking much pleasure from it.

Everyone’s experienced envy on occasion. But there’s a difference between being envious and feeling like no one is entitled to any happiness, success or goodwill except you, and then expressing that verbally.

Indulging in such behavior stems from a desire to make yourself feel better by running others down. Most people don’t realize they’re doing it. Sometimes it even sounds like they’re trying to be kind: I offered to be her beta reader. She needs all the help she can get. 

I don’t have time for negativity. I’m going to keep chasing my goals and clapping wildly whenever anyone else wrestles theirs to the ground. Each victory lets me know that my dreams can be reality too.

18 thoughts on “H: Haterade”

  1. Great post. I find when I put energy into hating I can’t get my own stuff done and then I am unhappy with myself. Lame! 🙂


  2. Any energy not put into writing makes your writing less energetic. I don’t have time to hate. Well, when some random jackass attacks me on my blogs I do have a reaction, but I don’t go looking for a fight.


  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. Is this how anyone would like people to react to them, if they actually got a book contract. Karma is a b*tch, you know? It’s especially dumb to post that kind of stuff online where it’s indelibly inked.


    1. For the most part, I’ve only encountered supportive members of the writing community and I’m grateful. That’s why I was so surprised to overhear that conversation.


  4. I don’t have time to be envious. I have my hands full with writing, promoting and flossing. All very important activities and so much more worthwhile than sniping. Great Haterade post!


  5. I admit there are times I wonder how “It” happened to some of writer or another. I think that’s only natural. Hating like frowning takes extra energy and I’m not willing to invest that.
    Smart post.


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