Existential Crisis Averted

Yesterday started with a terrible mood. I have sleep apnea and use a breathing machine for CPAP therapy. Somehow during the night (Gremlins? Borrowers?) the machine was unplugged. Sleeping without it is hellish and I felt the results immediately upon waking. As the day went on and one disappointment followed another, I was sure it couldn’t get any worse.


Then I remembered that I had to attend this:

Book Pitch Workshop with The Book Doctors!

EVENT:  The Book Doctors, AKA Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry, the Married Couple Authors of the Workman Publishing Book The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: How to Write It, Sell It, and Market It…Successfully!, will give a Book Pitch Workshop based on their Bestselling Book. Every attendee will be guided through a One Hour Workshop on developing and perfecting a “Pitch” for their Book.  After, each Workshop patron will have the opportunity to pitch and receive constructive and positive feedback [EMPHASIS AND CRIPPLING FEAR ALL MINE].

I have usually have no problem with public speaking but the thought of reading anything related to my fiction aloud gives me the cold sweats. All those doubts came flooding in: What if they hate it? Will they laugh me out of the room? What if I don’t belong here?

Ultimately, I had no choice but to go. I wanted to prove that I’m not fear’s bitch. Plus the event fee was nonrefundable.

It was a fantastic experience! The Book Doctors were thoughtful and fair in their critique. If the worst thing someone says about your pitch is that the writing level was so high on the opening paragraph that the second one had a hard time living up to it, I’ll take it.  That’s an easy fix! 🙂 The other attendees shared positive remarks as well.

Being around other writers and the welcoming staff and atmosphere of Rainy Day Books did wonders for my mood. As I was pitching ‘TIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU, I imagined I was giving an author talk. I imagined my book on the shelves in the YA section. I imagined people buying it. I imagined signing it for them.

That split-second fantasy gave me the confidence to finish strong and my day definitely ended better than it started.

14 thoughts on “Existential Crisis Averted”

  1. I just read your blog thanks to the book doctor twitter and can’t wait to attend a pitchapalooza myself. sign me former KC resident with a cpap machine and a literary addition, too!


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