Teenage Heartthrob Blogfest

The Teenage Heartthrob Blogfest is all about the 7 people that made your young heart all twitterpated. I had a seriously hard time narrowing this down.

Here we go…

Anybody from The Who

Thanks to my bass-playing older brother, I was into a lot of rock bands. Each member of this band is mind-blowingly talented and consequently, in my hormonally-charged teenaged mind, extremely hot.

Silver Spoons-Era Jason Bateman

I was a teenybopper-in-training when this show was on but I remember checking for Jason Bateman in every episode. He looked just like this kid in my class I was crushing majorly hard on but was too chicken to close the deal.

Johnny Depp (Forever)

I can’t lie to y’all. The crush may have started when I was a teen but this man will be on my List as long as I live.

1980s James Spader

Count me among those who thought Andie in “Pretty in Pink” ultimately chose the wrong boy but couldn’t she have given Steff just a tiny, little try? I mean, look at him.

Pre-Body Dysmorphic Michael Jackson

Anybody (male or female) who says they didn’t have a thing for him is lying. Whether you wanted his talent, money, exotic animal collection or Beat It jacket there is so much to envy and emulate here, I barely know where to begin. Plus the boy was foine. I hate that apparently he didn’t see it that way. And to this day, if “Thriller” plays in a store, clear the aisles because I’m doing that dance no matter what.

Baby-faced John Cusack

Most people make a huge deal of him as the Ideal Boyfriend Prototype in “Say Anything” but I remember seeing him in “16 Candles” and thinking, “That guy’s gonna amount to something.” Well, actually it was more like *Gasp, swoon, drool* but you get my point.

“Damn the Man, Save the Empire” Rory Cochrane

Not only did his character in Empire Records have my most coveted job ever (half-assing record store employee) but he was crazy enigmatic and rocked a turtleneck like no other. I would’ve forgiven him anything.


18 thoughts on “Teenage Heartthrob Blogfest”

  1. i remember enjoying empire records, but i can’t remember the actual movie… like at all. am i getting old?!?! eep!

    young johnny was supercute- edward scissorhands, 21 jump street, but the pirates ruined him for me…

    john cusack was a huge crush of mine for a long time… until i learned that he’s a big douche in real life, and now that’s kinda ruined him for me. but- yeah. he is still a beautiful, beautiful man.

    thanks for joining in the fest! i’m sorry i’m so late, one of my sons were in the hospital this week.


  2. I think we have completely different tastes in men. I’m one of the few clueless as to what people see in Johnny Depp. To me, he’s either a creepy Edward Scissorhands or a kooky pirate (and the first person to die by Freddy Kruger’s hands in Nightmare on Elm Street).


  3. Michael Jackson was definitely more attractive before he started bleaching is face and doing weird stuff with his chin. I think I heard a rumor at one point he had some skin disease, but it’s still sad.


    1. Yeah, apparently the bleaching came about to address his Vitiligo but he was on record saying how much he didn’t like his nose, lips, chin, etc. allegedly stemming from some negative comments his father made about his appearance as a child. I say “allegedly” because I don’t want Papa Joe coming after me. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Adrianne, good to see you joined the party, I was clocking in late too, at 11:30 am…
    My fave are rock bands too! But I can get into James Spader and Depp. Coem over and check out my entry-I was brave, or crazy enough to use real life crushes-names withheld of course, and ALL inappropriate.


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