Road Trip Wednesday: Celebrating Black History Month

Road Trip Wednesday is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where the YA Highway contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on their blogs. Thankfully, they let the readers play along. This Week’s Topic: Who is your favorite African-American author or fictional character?

The snarkstress in me wants to name myself as my favorite African-American author. But in  order to play by the rules, I tip my hat to Tina McElroy Ansa. I instantly fell in love with her first novel, BABY OF THE FAMILY. It was spooky and spiritual and supremely Southern. Very few novels have affected me like that one. That is, until I read Ansa’s UGLY WAYS, THE HAND I FAN WITH and YOU KNOW BETTER.

Even though I had a hard time putting her books down, I purposely slowed as the pages dwindled because I didn’t want the stories to end. Her writing is truly lyrical in that it sings off the page, not a single word wasted.

Yes, I’m jealous.


6 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: Celebrating Black History Month”

  1. I didn’t name myself (because I’m not African American or African OR American , so it was easy to resist). But I DID name the protagonist of my upcoming middle grade book, even though he’s actually Jamaican Canadian. But he plays cricket! And coaches preschoolers! And I love him!


    1. Yeah, that makes not naming yourself pretty easy! 🙂 I admit to having very little knowledge of cricket but I always wanted to learn how to play that game and pétanque. Your character sounds really interesting!


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