Fuel for the Fire

Congrats to all of the February Secret Agent Contest winners! Thanks to everyone who supported and critiqued my entry. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the winners but I’m excited for anyone who might be one step closing to fulfilling a dream. I took a risk and I’m better for it.

People often say, “I’m grateful to just be nominated.” I believe that’s sincere because it is a humbling experience to have validation of your art (even when it’s randomly selected by a bot.) But I know that what they’re dying to add is, “And I really, really want to win.”

I’m not afraid to say it! I wanted my stuff to be selected and I admit to disappointment about that. But I have to appreciate someone who says this is good, it’s just not for me. I know some people can sell anything but If I do end up being represented by an agent, I want it to be someone who is as head-over-heels in love with my work as I am.

So it’s all for the good, seriously. Rejection is part of life and is especially part of a writing life. As Aristotle said, “Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”


6 thoughts on “Fuel for the Fire”

  1. I’m sorry yours wasn’t selected.

    HOWEVER… I’m crazy sorts of proud of you. I know you took a risk and as far as I can tell, it paid off simply because you put another hurdle behind you. You’re an inspiration, my dear. Keep doing what you’re doing!


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