Hot in Herre

Is it crazy that the person who’s not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day ends up participating in three romance-themed blogfests? First No-Kiss, then That’s YAmore, now Is It Getting Hot in Here? Man, that’s almost as crazy as me posting two days in a row!

This blogfest is all about steamy kissyface so I’m sharing an excerpt from ‘TIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU.

JP was keeping his distance, but now he closes the gap, moving behind me.  His hands slide down my waist, each one settling on my hips.  He nuzzles my neck, kisses below my ears, pulls me closer until I feel his hardness jabbing my butt.  It’s such an arrogant move  but I totally dig it, the pressure of it taking my breath away.

I turn around. He doesn’t let me go far, keeping my hands in his.  His mouth covers mine, our tongues do a familiar dance.  He makes that noise I love, groaning low in his throat, kissing me with such ferocity my knees go weak and I can barely stand. I’m light-headed and his breath is sweet and when I open my eyes, everything has a soft, fuzzy glow.

“God, you’re driving me crazy,” he moans, burying his face in my chest.  Suddenly, I realize he’s right.  Until now, I thought I was helpless against my attraction.  I never realized that I could have power over him too.  The thought makes me giggle.  He pulls back.  “What’s funny?”

“Nothing, I’m just tipsy.”

He grins huge, knowing that’s when I’m at my wildest.  Things have always been completely out of balance with us. I let him set all the rules and struggled to keep up.  He was more sophisticated and more experienced so I just blindly followed his lead.

Not anymore.

Thanks for reading. And oh, all right…Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!


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