Leap of Faith (With New Ballet Flats)

One of the benefits of this “healthier living” thing is you eventually start dropping weight and/or inches and you’re able to fit into those goal clothes–you know, the clothes you used to fit into or the clothes you bought hoping to fit into someday. Now I have more clothing options than I realized so I made The Roommate hold me to a promise to not buy any more clothes or shoes. Now that I can shop in my closet, I did a quick inventory of the shoe stock and realized I lacked a good pair of black ballet flats (see above.)

Want, want, want.

True to form, my champagne tastes led me to a price point that I’m normally uncomfortable with but TOMS has a charitable component and I’m a sucker for cute, comfy shoes and philanthropy. I’ve heard good things about their quality and fit so I think we were meant to be together.

As to the aforementioned leap of faith, I entered the February Secret Agent contest sponsored by Miss Snark’s First Victim.Β  I’ve been stalking the awesome contests on that blog for a while. After watching the last Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction (seriously, I was glued to the Twitter feed), the results of which spun off all sorts of writerly fantasies in my head, I decided the next opportunity I had to enter a contest on that site, I would do it.

I’ve spent a lot of time revising my novel and while it’s not perfect, it’s in a pretty good place. So early this morning, I submitted the first 250 words.Β  This afternoon I learned the Lottery Bot had randomly selected it for inclusion in the contest.

The Authoress responded with a very gracious “You’re welcome!” and I had to wipe geeky fangirl off my keyboard.

I have no clue what happens next and that’s just fine.Β  No matter what, I’m proud of myself.

8 thoughts on “Leap of Faith (With New Ballet Flats)”


    Okay, breathe.

    So, when does it start? When should I be stalking? What can I do to follow along?


    1. πŸ˜€ I’m really, truly ALL CAPS excited about this. Thank you so much for being excited too!

      Those are all good questions. All I know right now is what number my entry will be. As soon as I know more, I’ll definitely share.


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