That’s YAmore Blogfest

My submission for the That’s YAmore Blogfest comes from my work in progress AFTER THE JUMP. Check out the other entries as they are amazing!

I snoop into a bedroom. Now this looks like Bryce. Posters of bands I’ve never heard of cover the walls. There’s an expensive-looking laptop on a small, dinged-up desk in the corner.  The unmade bed’s surrounded by a moat of socks, crumpled up paper, books and sticky QuikTrip cups.

“Does it meet your standards?” I jump, busted. “Don’t worry, the couch pulls out. You won’t have to sleep in here. That is, unless you want to.” There’s that half-smile again, like he knows exactly what I’m thinking. “It’s just an option. I don’t snore. I don’t even hog the covers.” He’s standing so close I’m drowning in that woodsy smell and I know it’s not the wine and cheese high that’s making me dizzy.

“How generous.”

“You said you liked that in a person.”  He gently touches my hair, slowly twists strands around his fingers, leaning in with intention. There’s that old twinge of wanting to know, of being so insanely curious about what it would be like, I can barely stand it. Our mouths touch softly, then it’s so intense my everything opens up and all I can think is, I want this.

I sniff the air.

“Something’s burning.”

He releases me, looking as dazed as I feel. Backing away toward the kitchen, he says, voice low, “Saved by the smell.”

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