Hella Words Weekend

I’m looking at writing a lot of words this weekend. Several job, residency and grant applications have deadlines looming in the next few weeks. Blogfest duty calls and I have to maintain my editing and revision schedule or else.

I think I’m ready. We’re supposed to get our first major snow of the winter on Sunday so I won’t want to leave the house, I have plenty of tea (included my beloved Morning Thunder), lots of snacks and an overloaded Netflix queue.

Come Monday morning my hands will have to be surgically removed from my laptop, which is currently missing a backspace key. But that just makes things more interesting, like those oil spills in Excite Bike.

Motivation is key, so once again, I turn to YouTube (subscribers click through to the post to watch):


6 thoughts on “Hella Words Weekend”

  1. I can’t watch that M&S one – as you may know from the blog, Marcus Mumford has broken my heart so many times. It’s unbearable! When I watch him perform I get lightheaded and desperate and angry and die. Yup, die.


  2. @Catherine Stine @Tricia –

    I definitely kept to the schedule and that’s why I can hardly keep my eyes open right now. šŸ™‚ I finished two job applications, finished three essays for residencies, wrote about 3,000 words on my new story and did revisions of two chapters.



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