At Least There’s Chocolate

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. On one hand, I’m like holy crap it’s the middle of February already! And on the other hand, I’m like meh.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy romance  and all that jazz. It’s just that focusing on one day out of the entire year to celebrate that stuff just adds heaps of pressure.

  • If you’re in a long-term relationship, you have to up the ante year after year.
  • If you’re in a new relationship, you have to make a Grand Gesture or else.
  • If you’re not attached, you have to endure the Workplace Torture Parade of Roses.

Once again, meh.

In examining my aversion to practically everything about this holiday (except the chocolate) I realized that I’ve never written anything where the characters celebrate it and my main characters are teenagers! It’s weird because when you’re that age it’s like love was invented for you and Cupid’s weapon of choice becomes a sledgehammer. You meet someone and by day’s end you know you’re in love and  it’s a gut-wrenching, more soul-stirring love than anyone in the Universe has ever experienced. Until you meet a different someone the next day and it starts all over again.

Oh, wait–that only happened to me?

When I’m writing YA romantic scenes, I don’t recall Valentine’s Day specifically but all of the ecstatic feelings that swirled around me when I was younger like a hormonal vortex. It’s amazing and awful and innocent and naughty and youthful and grown-up all at once. Everything is so intense, it’s a wonder I didn’t literally go mad instead of just feeling that way. Thankfully, it’s not hard for me to call on my hormonal muscle memory and tap into those emotions. And the really cool part is even though the love I experience as an adult is different, it still has the potential to go there.


So watch this space on February 11th for my “That’s YAmore” blogfest post. Consider it an early Valentine’s Day present! 🙂

11 thoughts on “At Least There’s Chocolate”

  1. “Torture Parade of Roses…” Can I get an AMEN?! Man, I HATE that! And know that when I say “hate” I really just mean “I’m insanely jealous and will pretend not to care.”

    As someone who’s NEVER celebrated Valentines, I admit, I’m eager. One of these years I’m going to be one of “those” girls who gets to smile, blush, and have a moment of surprised happiness, I don’t care if it’s a Hallmark ploy to take over the world or not.

    As for high school, on top of the are you/aren’t you in a relationship woes, there was also the student council fundraiser where students could buy colored carnations for $1. Then, student council reps would deliver said carnations during 7th hour. Awesome. I’ll just sit here and wait while all the popular girls get the yellow friendship carnations they bought for each other… 🙂


    1. Ugh, I forgot about those student council things! It was all so crazy and annoying and I can remember girls actually crying in the hallway because their boyfriends didn’t send them anything.

      I totally think that everyone should experience a day dedicated to romance so if yours comes on February 14th, that’s all right with me!


  2. Can’t wait to read your That’s YAmore entry!
    I’m trying to remember back to a V-day in high school, but am coming up blank. Must mean the boy friend didn’t do anything to wow or disappointment me – must have been somewhere in the middle. He probably wrote me a poem or something. Now that I’m married with kids, V-day is more of an event for them…


      1. Valentine’s Day as a kid was so much easier. Everyone got candy and cards from each classmate regardless of whether or not they liked each other! And those conversation hearts…


      2. That’s it exactly. It was easy and completely low-pressure. My school had a rule that you couldn’t even hand out cards unless you had one for everybody. And those candy hearts rocked.


  3. I’m not big on Valentine’s Day. I can only remember one (in high school) when I was excited about the day and we ended up having a snow day. My boyfriend walked about 6 miles to my house in the snow. So sweet! I’ll never forget that.


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