All day I’ve been waging a war with my internet and cable service provider. Somewhere around 12:30 this afternoon both services inexplicably cut out. The Roommate waded through the customer service phone/corn maze until he reached a live human who declared there was an outage in our area and it would be resolved within the hour. We left the house, ran our errands and expected everything would be Kool & the Gang when we returned three hours later.

Sweet, Sweet Naïveté

No service. Zilch. Zero.

I had already suffered a rotten customer service experience with the manufacturers of my laptop so it was better for all involved that The Roommate handle it. Of course, I couldn’t help but inject my two cents every time it sounded like (at least, to me) that the resolution wasn’t going to be satisfactory.

I guess it’s asking too much to expect a huge communications monopoly to be concerned that their crappy service is hamstringing our businesses and preventing students from completing their work. I guess I’m supposed to be happy about waiting until late tomorrow afternoon for the possibility of a service call. I guess it’s acceptable to accept and expect payment for a service in a timely fashion but not have to meet those same standards in the delivery of said service.

Seriously. If you want to have a giggle, tell your cable or internet provider that you’ll pay them two weeks from the due date between 3:00 – 5:00 or 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. and that if no one is there to take the money they’ll have to wait another two weeks for it.

I was going to tie this into writing somehow. Oh, right. I can’t do any research for the post I was finishing for my other blog. Cover letters and essays for job applications, grants and residencies need polishing. And then there’s that query.

I know there’s libraries and coffee shops and all kinds of joints to pick up free wifi (I’m in Applebee’s right now.) I’m no stranger to those places but the bulk of my work is done in the late hours of the night and the last thing I need is to resurrect my Starbucks chai tea latte addiction. It’s one thing to go there because you have no other option. It’s another to not get the benefit of a service you’re paying for.

Thankfully, I was able to knock the frustration level down somewhat with a trip to the gym. But we’re heading home now where I’ll stare at those useless pieces of overpriced equipment and try to keep from setting them on fire.

Oh, well. This will be a hilarious story someday.


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