I Bought This

So I was immersed in the bookstore (again!) and came out with some great stuff:

Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler. (Extra special book nerd bonus: the author followed me on Twitter the same day I bought her book!)

Wintertown by Stephen Edmond.

Pure by Tera Elan McEvoy.

The One That I Want (for Kindle Fire) by Jennifer Echols

Since I’m on the road and couldn’t carry a lot of books with me, I’m starting The One That I Want first. I’m in the mood for an awesome YA romance and Jennifer Echols has never let me down.

What books have you bought lately?


6 thoughts on “I Bought This”

  1. Just swinging by from the a to z challenge site…you’re right behind me on the list so thought I’d say hi. I got an ereader fot Christmas with 101 books preloaded so I;ve been reading those lately…Frankenstein, Dracula, now Ulysses by Joyce…interesting stuff.


    1. Hi Ron!

      Good luck with the A to Z challenge. I’m a newbie so I hope to just survive the process. 🙂 I love that so many of those books are either free or very cheap via e-readers. My local libraries even have lots of them for free download. Happy reading!


  2. My current finances have precluded me from buying books lately, but I gotten a number of free books even though they are primarily business related. This past summer I bought a ton of books from the closing Borders book stores–those will keep me in reading for some time to come, not to mention all the unread books that I already had here in my home.

    Bookstores can be such fun.

    Wrote By Rote


    1. I didn’t do as well with the Borders that closed around here. They were pretty well picked over by the time I arrived. But I did glean a bunch of to-reads from my shelf too. I need to shop there more often!


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