I Never Win Anything…

…But this time I did!

Last November, in my quest to write over 100,000 words in one month, I entered the NaNoWriMo contest at YALitChat. I was a new member and figured what better way to familiarize myself with the community than diving head-first into a contest!

The rules were pretty simple:

  • Post your nanowrimo log in name, name of story, general plot
  • Friend others on this contest board
  • Post your word count daily
  • Post 2 sentence teaser from what you’ve written that day

The only thing that struck terror in my heart was #4. Yes, I have that painfully clichéd and annoying habit of not wanting to share my writing with anyone at any time which directly conflicts with my dream of having lots of people read my stuff. Eventually, the benefits outweighed the fear. The contest would help keep me on the NaNo straight and narrow, introduce me to some new writing pals and get me in the habit of sharing my fiction.  Plus there were prizes! Nothing motivates me more than free stuff.

I plugged away at it and I’m so thrilled to say that I won first place!

With that came a whole lot of this:

And one of these:


It just arrived yesterday and I’m already in love. The Roommate and I cooed over it like a newborn baby. I’m not sure what I’m naming it (because all my gadgets get names) but I will hug it and pet it and squeeze it.

So in order to keep a record of my achievement and to remind myself that I can be pretty effing brave when I put my mind to it, I’m posting my (unedited!) teasers here. Feel free to avert your eyes, but I really, really hope you won’t. 🙂


Plot: Kelly Landers, perpetual new girl, has moved six times in as many years.  As she starts her senior year in a new private school all she wants is to put her past behind her but she quickly discovers that the one thing you cannot escape is yourself.

Day 1 Teaser: I really hate catching my parents making out.  I mean, obviously I know how I got here, but the constant reminders are totally unnecessary.

Day 2 Teaser: The look he gives me as I get in says he approves of my outfit.  If there’s one thing I know it’s how to dress for a party.

Day 3 Teaser: “Travis is constantly trying to do something that won’t have people asking him, ‘Aren’t you Nick’s brother?’ I guess banging Cara might do that for him.”

Day 4 Teaser: “Expecting Cara to have fashion sense is like expecting a pig to give a speech.  Not gonna happen.”

Day 5 Teaser:  Him being a swimmer totally explains his lean, athletic body.  My cheeks burn as I imagine him in a Speedo.

Day 6 Teaser: Bryce is going on about something but I’m not paying attention, focusing on making note of every shrub and tree.  I figure the police will need those details if I manage to survive the impending carnage.

Day 7 Teaser: “Despite what you claim, I don’t see throngs of people beating down your door to be your friend.  Fleur barely tolerates you and Cara hates your guts and that guy at the party’s cool as long as your money doesn’t run out.”

Day 8 Teaser: It could be some kind of home invasion and here I am rushing toward it like Velma from Scooby Doo.  If only it was something simple like Old Man Johnson pretending to be the Snow Beast or a ghost pirate.

Day 9 Teaser: I exhale, thankful for the reprieve.  It’s not often that I get to dodge bullets and even less often that Daddy takes them in my place.

Day 10 Teaser: “It’s just like before, Daddy, it’s just like always.  If she can get you to focus in on me and my issues, then you won’t notice hers.”

Day 11 Teaser: Bryce curls up beside me so that we’re practically spooning.  Every boy has a distinct scent and his reminds me of the woods behind our house in Vermont just after a rainstorm mixed with the chilled air outside and a faint hint of weed.

Day 12 Teaser: “I hope you never forget how much potential you have.   I mean, before, when you were just throwing yourself at all those boys, all I could think was what a waste it was to share all of your beauty with them since they never appreciated it.”

Day 13 Teaser: “Do you want me to go away?” he asks quietly.  He’s way too close and smelling way too good for me to answer honestly.

Day 14 Teaser: A moan rises from my throat, which totally encourages him, one arm snaking around my waist while his other hand gently cradles the back of my neck, deepening the kiss.  Suddenly, this nasty voice in my head says, Knew you wouldn’t be gone for long.

Day 15 Teaser: I dare either one of them to judge me, but the fact that I feel a certain sense of vindication makes me worry.  What kind of person feels happy about this stuff?

Day 16 Teaser: He gave me a one-day extension, mainly because I batted my lashes a lot and made my voice just a little bit lower and softer as I explained that I was overwhelmed with practice and just hadn’t found my groove yet.  Not that I think he would ever cross a line like that, and I would never want him to, but it’s disgustingly simple to manipulate guys sometimes.

Day 17 Teaser:  I look anywhere but at his face.  I know if I see the cute way he normally tilts his head like a confused puppy, I’ll completely crack and forgive him anything.

Day 18 Teaser: “You let her cry on your shoulder and do anything she asks and the first chance she gets, she throws you under the bus, then backs up and runs you over again.  You want to know why she keeps going back to Travis when you should be asking yourself why you keep going back to her.”

Day 19 Teaser: He tenderly wipes the tears from my cheeks before kissing me so softly I barely feel his mouth brush against mine and all protest falls away.  When he tells me he’s wanted to do that all night, I ask him what took so long.

Day 20 Teaser: Before I can blink, she’s snatches the plate away and scrapes its contents into the trash can.  I’m shocked, my fork still hovering in the air.

Day 21 Teaser: I’m very much aware that for all of his bluster and posing like he’s so advanced and mature, he’s really just a sixteen-year-old kid, probably full of the same insecurities as the rest of us.  He’s just better at hiding them.

Day 22 Teaser: “You have all the power.  Girls always do, they just don’t realize it.”

Day 23 Teaser: All these things that were supposed to be so bad for me felt so good.  Even when everything went to hell and I was expected to be remorseful and sorry for it all, I could never admit to it not feeling awesome.

Day 24 Teaser: When I look back on it, there were so many clues and red flags it’s like I wanted to get caught or something, but between Mama and Daddy’s personal dramas—his determination to become the next Rockefeller, her waxing and waning obsessions with food—it was months before they figured out anything was wrong.

Day 25 Teaser: “He loves this car.  Like, if it wasn’t completely vile and probably illegal, I think he’d really love it.”

Day 26 Teaser: The funny thing is, she’s completely serious.  She’s just standing there shaking her head and looking at me as if I’m the deranged one, as if I’m the one making everybody walk on eggshells and hold their tongues or rethink every word before it comes out of their mouths.

Day 27 Teaser: “I know I shouldn’t care.  I mean, I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t care and I must be crazy to even want anything that might mean you end up with him but I don’t want you to suffer anymore.”

Day 28 Teaser: He leaves a string of soft kisses on my cheek, one after another, until our mouths meet.  The sense of relief almost overwhelms me and there’s something else mixed in alongside the satisfaction and desire that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Day 29 Teaser: Moving here was supposed make everything better for all of us.  And now it just feels like my life is stuck in some horrible, endless loop, all of my mistakes and poor choices on heavy rotation with no way out of it.

Day 30 Teaser: “I’m not an idiot, I understand life is not always black and white but sometimes it should be.  Sometimes the right thing to do is painfully obvious and you just have to decide whether or not you’re brave enough to do it.”


13 thoughts on “I Never Win Anything…”

  1. Congrats! I really want the Kindle Fire but I got a Kindle 3G for Christmas in 2010 and didn’t want to ask for an upgrade already. I love your teasers and the plot. Good luck with this book. It sounds like a winner!


      1. It certainly does 🙂 I think it’s awesome that you won the contest, maybe you should run get some scratch off tickets too and see if the lucky streak is continuing. 🙂 Have fun with it!


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