First Things First

Helloooooo Nurse!

End-of-year festivities (Champagne! Dance parties! Chocolate!) coupled with beginning-of-year vacation (DisneyWorld! Beaches! Sunshine!) meant a brief hiatus from this blog.  Despite having a lingering post-vacay hangover, I am looking forward to settling back into a more routine writing/editing pattern.  I don’t want to get too rusty because I plan on having lot of projects on my plate this year.

First up, I think I have to change the name of this blog.  I gave the concept a lot of thought and although I’m happy to turn up at the top of Google’s search, I recently ran into some confusion from people who thought I was affiliated with writers workshops in Canada and Austin, Texas and a video game writer.   Although it appears that one similarly-named blog hasn’t been updated since 2009, the last thing I want to do is encroach on anyone else’s territory, even accidentally.  Do you think a name change is necessary?

I maintain another blog that uses my full name in its URL so that’s out (unless I change that one which just the thought of causes anxiety).  But there are a million variations on how my name can be used and it might be a good idea to more obviously link my name with my writing.  As you can see, I am completely perplexed right now. It looks like I’ll need your help and I’m totally open for suggestions here.


Off to brainstorm…

5 thoughts on “First Things First”

  1. I don’t think you need to change your blog name. If you’re referring to your URL, it’s different enough blogger let you use it. And if you’re referring to your title, I don’t think it matters. People have similar titles all the time, and I just moved from Austin a year ago next week. I’ve never heard of the writing group, so I don’t think it would be an issue.


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