No-Kiss Blogfest

Note: My inability to wrangle WordPress into submission caused this post “scheduled” for January 2 to, well, not post at all.  D’oh!

This is my first foray into the wonderfully titled No-Kiss Blogfest.  I tend to write a lot of romantic stuff  and there’s few things more fun than creating that moment when one character reallyreallyreally wants to kiss another and something crushingly keeps that from happening.

I’ve selected an excerpt from my WIP ‘Til It Happens to You

How We Got Here: Fischer (MC) thinks she has everything she needs in her steady hookup JP until a class project brings moody, mysterious Aubrey into her life.  When they share an illicit kiss, it leaves Fischer wanting more but Aubrey stubbornly refuses to play the backup role. In this scene, Aubrey’s showing Fischer the ins and outs of the school photography dark room and something interesting (bad pun alert!) develops.

Fest away…

He hangs the developed film on the clothesline, looking rather impressed with himself.  I ask, “Is that it?”

“Nope.  That’s just the first part.  Now it has to dry for at least four hours before I can enlarge it on photo paper but we’ll do that in class.  That’s where the art really comes in, because you can darken or lighten the picture, play with the gray scale and exposure, blend the shadows.   We’re supposed to learn dodging and burning techniques next week.”

“That sounds like what I’ve been doing lately.”

“Do I even want to know what you mean by that?”

My eyes have adjusted to the dim light and I’m  starting to feel fully awake so I just now notice that something’s different about him.  I sit on a rusty stool and change the subject by saying, “You cut your hair.”

“Yeah, just a little.  It was starting to feel high-maintenance.”

“I liked your hair.”  I flash back on touching it, which makes me feel squirmy.

“You volunteering to fix it for me every morning?  If so, I’ll grow it back out right away.”

“You’re such a smart ass,” I laugh, even though his suggestion conjures up thoughts of waking up next to him that I really shouldn’t be entertaining.

“That’s what you like best about me, you can admit it.”

“Maybe, but it’s a thin line between clever and arrogant, the latter of which is definitely not attractive.”

“Are you saying you find me attractive?” He grins as if to prove it.  Why do people ask questions they already know the answers to?

Even though we’re spending a lot of time together, this is the first time I’ve endured a full-on flirt assault from Aubrey and it’s totally working.  Even when we made out, we just kind of fell into it without a whole lot of preliminary stuff leading up to it.  Once again, I’m amazed he doesn’t have girls killing themselves to get next to him since I’m gripping the sides of the stool just to stay in control. I hear the faint ring of the first hour warning bell.  Thank god.  I  head for the door.

“Hold up.”

He crosses the room in two steps.  Suddenly, he’s so close, I can smell his soap.   That insistent, annoying tug draws me near.  He has that look and the air crackles. I don’t understand how my heart can thump so hard when I’ve practically stopped breathing. What I want has to be written all over my face and when he smiles, leaning in, I think, gratefully, that I’m getting it.

Instead, he reaches above my head, flips the switch and the room is bathed in white light, spell broken.

Man, that was fun. Thanks to Frankie Diane Mallis and all of the No-Kiss Blogfest participants!

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