Want Heightened Emotion? Add-A-Black-Choir!

Yesterday, I got stuck revising a scene.  I wanted to convey gut-churning angst, taking the reader on a hellacious emotional roller coaster while indicating there was light at the end of the tunnel.

I had cued up an appropriate playlist for my anti-writer’s block dance (don’t ask) when I thought, “What would a songwriter do?”

Add a black choir, of course!

Subscribers, this is video heavy so click through to the post for proof positive.

Add-A-Black-Choir turns the hard-rocking singers of “Dirty White Boy” into soul-searching power balladeers.

Somehow Eminem gets to rep Detroit despite growing up in Missouri.  Does backing him with Add-A-Black-Choir up his Day-Twah cred?

Flo doesn’t let this Add-A-Black-Choir sing but their mere presence (and Phantom of the Opera impersonation) lends gravitas.

Did Sting really want to be here? Good thing Add-A-Black-Choir distracts us from his shame and Puffy’s terrible lip synching.

“How to Make People Apoplectic” by Madonna. Step one: burn crosses.  Step two: kiss Black Jesus.  While effective, even Add-A-Black-Choir couldn’t save this one from the censors.

U2 comes to Harlem.  Add-A-Black-Choir and stir!

A pre-trial R. Kelly knows the key to making listeners feel invincible: Add-A-Black-Choir.


10 thoughts on “Want Heightened Emotion? Add-A-Black-Choir!”

  1. Okay, now that was a funny post! How about old blues too? I just drove back from philly and there was an amaaazing blues program n the University of Penna’s radio station. That’s where the Stones got all their riffs, and so many other bands.


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