Revision Inspiration

I’m in the middle of revising a story that I wrote last fall.  It has great bones and I enjoyed writing the first draft.  With the exception of a few character sketches and a great round of notes/suggestions curated by The Roommate during dinner, I completely pantsed it.

I’m not sure if  you can tell by reading it but I can certainly tell by revising it.  Not that spur-of-the-moment writing is a bad thing (says the future President of the Pantsing Club), but I can see where just a bit more of an outline (or having one at all) might have helped it not go off the rails in some sections.

So while I try to avoid a writing disaster of cataclysmic proportions and work on toning down my flair for the dramatic, I’m turning to anything I can to get me through it:

Reminds me of teenage Saturday nights and couple skates

My awesome book stats from Goodreads
I’ve read 14,233 pages this year.  I don’t have nearly that many to revise.

The two I live with are pretty boring right now.  Thank goodness for the interwebs.

All praises be to the Netflix gods for streaming this.

Now back to work…


5 thoughts on “Revision Inspiration”

  1. Personally, I’m a fan of outlining if only because it reminds me where my story is *supposed* to go instead of the weird crazy-land it usually ends.

    I love that you’re working on last year’s story. I can’t wait to finish this year’s NaNo so I can get back to last year’s. Suddenly, I feel overwhelmed with projects!


  2. Lol. Maybe if you cut yourself from the internet you won’t be able to read your 14,234th page!

    Loving that pic of the cat. That dude’s definitely run himself over the edge. And I think that cat also resembles me a lot of the time. Unfortunately.


    1. You make a good point but believe it or not, all of these things help with my writing. I must have at least some music playing or I go crazy. And if I dare to work on the floor, my cats will do that very thing, except they don’t help with revisions. They’re so lazy! 🙂


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