NaNoWriMo Public Service Announcement

Technically, I won on November 22.  My 50,000th word was “ho.” That says a lot about my story, right? I did a shiny happy dance and totally savored my victory as I’ve never finished so far in advance of the deadline!

I’m attributing this achievement to my goal of writing 100,000 words.  It’s been spurring me on the entire time, often taking the form of a persistent whine: Write.  You need to write.  Why aren’t you writing? You can write and eat at the same time.  Sleep is for sissies.  Get to it!

I’ve taken only one full day off from writing this month, truly treating it like a job (albeit one where I have terrible vacation benefits and no mental health care).  So with that in mind, my 15-minute break is over.

If you haven’t won yet keep plugging away.  If you feel your creative embers dying soak up inspiration here and here.  No matter what, don’t stop writing.


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