Let’s Get This Party Started!

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I really don’t want this blog to completely fall off during NaNoWriMo, so I hope it will serve as a welcome respite when my muse is flashing me the stink-eye and refusing to give up the goods.

My goal: 100,00 words OR ELSE.

Buddy up with me or follow my writerly musings on Twitter.

Best of luck to all NaNoers, old heads and newbies alike!

7 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Party Started!”

  1. Happy NaNo Day Five!
    Hopefully the initial excitement is still going strong, but if not I’ve come with a toolbox of inspiration. Ready?

    First, quote of the day: Don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now.

    Second, NaNo Tip of the Day: Don’t forget to reward yourself. It is often easier to notice our lagging word count numbers than to notice how far we’ve already come.

    Good luck!!! Just keep writing!!!


  2. @Ticara – I didn’t write any posts in advance either. All of my planning muscles were in service to NaNo. Three guesses what I’ll be talking about all month here. 🙂

    @Tricia – I like the optimism, even if it’s false. I’m totally in “fake it until you make it” mode!


  3. Good luck to you, too! I meant to take a day last month and whip up some blog posts, but totally failed at it and now I feel like tumbleweeds will take over. Oops?


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