Freaking Myself Out

Putting the finishing touches on my October 27th MonsterFest entry (yes, I procrastinate, we have already discussed this) and being inundated with Halloween creepiness has given me a huge case of Spook Brain.

Symptoms include:

  • Thinking every loud noise is a swarming horde of zombies intent on devouring your tasty, tasty flesh (this totally happened today when roofers started stomping around above me while I was catching up on The Walking Dead).
  • Giving your uncharacteristically fickle cats the side-eye because it’s entirely possible they’re now in league with The Blair Witch.
  • Going into a dark bathroom and refusing to look in the mirror just in case Candyman decides to show up uninvited (not that guy, this one).
  • Squealing in horror every time the teaser for A&E’s “Bag of Bones” comes on (creepy children–particularly if they’re sopping wet–scare the crap out of me).
Don't Eat Buffy!

*shudder* Okay, back to editing.Ā 


Did you hear that?


4 thoughts on “Freaking Myself Out”

  1. Dude…get the Candyman OUT of here! Just knowing it’s linked is creeping me out. Is it November, yet? I need Halloween to be over already… Ready for your debut tomorrow?! šŸ™‚


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