The Monsters are Here!

I’m so excited about participating in MonsterFest 2011!! Seriously.  I am very careful about where I put my exclamation points, and this event calls for a ton of them.  I read Sommer Leigh’s post giving the details and immediately thought, “Sign me up.” Which, after shaking in my literary boots for a half-second, I did.  How could I pass up the opportunity to join a quirky collective of bloggers filling readers’ heads with super-scary stuff guaranteed to keep them up at night?

My Monstrologist debut is October 27 and my Monster of Choice is La Llorona, AKA The Weeping Woman.  I’m saving the good stuff for later, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve already freaked myself out several times during the research phase.

Check out MonsterFest 2011’s lead-off hitter, Medeia Sharif, with a great post on Demons that gave me the shivers and reminded me to add Paranormal Activity to my Netflix queue.


6 thoughts on “The Monsters are Here!”

  1. The fact that you are now connected to my blogging hero, Sommer, absolutely makes me grin like a little kid at Christmas. I LOVE it when two good things come together!!!


  2. what a neat concept! I considered signing up but I don’t think I’ll have time to research a subject and prepare a neat-o blog. I will definitely be tuning in for yours, and exploring others’ posts! Thanks for the heads up =D


    1. That’s why I picked a date well in advance! 🙂 It certainly won’t be a scholarly introspective, but I hope at the very least it’s interesting.


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